Why Join FCRA?


We monitor, promote, and lobby to pass legislation favorable to the interests of court reporters. We are the only organization committed to representing all reporters and reporting agencies in Florida. The larger our association, the bigger the voice we can have with our legislators. Simply by joining FCRA, you go on record as supporting your profession and your colleagues around the state.

Joining FCRA gives you the opportunity annually to maintain your national and state certifications with sessions and workshops focusing on you and your profession. Your FCRA membership gives you the ability to connect and network with reporters across the state. Whether through our Annual Conference, our informative website, our online magazine, our E-Flashes, or our FPR course, FCRA is committed to the education of all our members.

FCRA has developed the Florida Professional Reporter course and certification for you! FCRA's Florida Manual is continually updated by the Florida Manual and FPR Oversight Committee. As one FPR said, "A reporter without a Florida Manual is like a lawyer without the Florida Statutes." Knowledge is power, and obtaining your FPR certification is certainly empowering. There is so much expected and required from us at both the state and federal levels, whether we're freelance or official, have been reporting for 6 months or 25 years, and the FPR puts all that together in a 700+ page manual and CD, helping us meet and exceed those expectations.

FCRA has designed two extremely informative websites, one covering the Florida court reporting profession and the other dedicated to the Florida Professional Reporter, containing many resources right at your fingertips.

This is FCRA's official online publication. In keeping with the FCRA membership's desire to stay as green and efficient as possible, FCR Online is published quarterly and contains articles of interest to students, reporters, and agencies.

Breaking news of vital importance to the Florida court reporting profession is sent directly to you as it happens, keeping you informed.

The FLORIDA COURT REPORTERS ASSOCIATION is on Facebook. It's a great place for FCRA members to connect more informally with each other and stay informed.

As a member of FCRA, you have access to exclusive savings on movie tickets, theme parks, attractions, hotels, tours, Broadway and Vegas shows and much more! You also receive reduced member registration rates for the Annual Convention and the one-day Florida Rules & Ethics Certification Seminars.

FCRA promotes you and the profession by acting as a liaison between the Florida Supreme Court; the Office of the State Court Administrator; the Judicial Council; the Florida Bar Association and other state organizations and groups; court reporting schools; and informs and educates the public about the reporter's role in the judicial system.

Why should I join FCRA if I'm already a member of NCRA?

Membership in both FCRA and NCRA is essential. While NCRA membership is required to keep your designation and keep you informed on national issues affecting the profession, FCRA is the only organization committed to representing the interests of Florida reporters and agencies. We are experiencing difficult times, and your participation in your state association is key to keeping court reporters on the job in Florida.